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The dried peppermint mint leaves contain menthol which gives this herb its typical freshness and the satisfying aroma and smell.The leaves can also be used for iced teas, cooking, cocktails or to blend with other teas.50g (default, makes 25 cups), also available as 100g or 250g, please select under 'options'.  ..
Spearmint takes its name from its crinkled, long leaves, which resemble the shape of the blade of a spear. It has an easily recognizable clear, pungent and highly aromatic taste and smell. Very refreshing and cleansing tea infusion but also good to blend with other teas, for cooking or even to make cocktails. 100g (default, makes 50 cups), also available 250g or 500g, please select under 'options'.  ..
Chamomile tea is one of the best known and most popular herbal teas. Our pure whole chamomile blossoms originate from European cultivation and have a particularly flavourful taste. Wonderfully aromatic with a deep-yellow infusion...
Dandelion root is one of those herbs with a neverending list of health benefits.Very rich source of beta-carotene (for vitamin A),  vitamin C, fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and phosphorus.It also contains B complex vitamins, trace minerals, organic sodium, and some vitamin D.100g (default, makes 50 cups), also available as 250g or in our 100g wooden chest, please select under 'options'...
Only young shoots are used for his very wholesome infusion of the stinging nettle. Full of vitamins, iron, magnesium, and minerals. It is anti-inflammatory, helps against allergies, is soothing and can be used as a diuretic. As a customer put it recently after a pot of nettle tea: "I am nettlelised."100g (default, makes 50 cups), please select under 'options'. Health properties: - Anti-inflammatory for interior and exterior use - Osteoarthritis, joint pain, and gout- Helps with allergies - Hay..
Fennel Seeds
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Highly aromatic and wholesome fennel seeds.Besides making a fragrant infusions fennel can be used for cooking as well. Try and boils some with your ham the next time. 100g (default, makes 50 cups), also available 250g or in our 100g wooden chest, please select under 'options'...
Dried and cut lemongrass. Very wholesome and vitalising infusion with a beautiful mild citrus flavour. Can also be used to mix into other drinks or for cooking. Has antiseptic properties which are used in insect repellents.100g (default, makes 50 cups), also available as 250g, please select under 'options'...
Rose Buds
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Only dried unopened red rose blossoms are used for this rare and special infusion. The taste is elegant, fresh, mild and very flowery. Can also be used for decorating (baking) or to blend with other drinks.50g (default, makes 25 cups), also available as 100g, please select under 'options'...
Marigold, also called Calendula.These are the beautiful yellow-orange petals of the flower, stunning visual appearance...
Jiaogulan is an adaptogen, which helps the body to maintain an optimal balance of biological functions.This Chinese herb is also known as 'Southern Ginseng' because it contains the same key ingredient but in higher concentration. Our Jiaogulan is rolled into balls and steamed to keep it in shape. The taste is sweet (Contains sugar), not unlike some green teas and can get bitter when over-brewed. Should be used for 2-3 infusions.50g (default, makes 50 cups), also available as 100g or 250g, p..
This South American 'Tea of the Incas' is made from the inner bark of the Lapacho tree (also called Pau d'Arco, bows were made from the wood).It has been/is used extensively by South American indigenous peoples for its antibiotic and tonic effects. Making a wholesome infusion of Lapacho is an excellent way to strengthen your immune system and to stay healthy.Lapacho has a vanilla-like, slightly peppery taste (if it is too peppery take less). Not recommended for pregnant women.100g (default, make..
Tulsi is a herb from India, also called "holy basil".  In Sanskrit, it means "the incomparable one" and is revered throughout India. It is considered an adaptogen and is extensively used in Ayurvedic blends. Adaptogens are helpful in balancing the various processes in the body and to reduce stress. Tulsi infusions help to relax, unwind and have a strong calming effect. 50g (default, makes 50 cups), also available as 100g or 250g, please select under 'options'...
The tender, brightly green shoots of the spruce tree are gathered in spring and simply dried and cut. The brew is a unique experience with a sweet and resinous taste. It is like walking through a pine forest in the early morning. Because of the high amounts of vitamin C sailors used to take it in beer form on their journeys to protect themselves from scurvy. 100g (default, makes 50 cups), please select under 'options'. Health properties:- strengthens the immune system - contai..
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