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The Puttabong tea estate goes back to 1852 when the first tea bushes were planted there.This Tea Garden produces only organic teas which are grown up to 2200m. Like all First Flush Darjeelings the taste is light, fresh, delicate and flowery with a subtle muscatel flavour. Perfect for the afternoon with pastries and cakes or to impress friends and family.50g (default, makes 50-75 cups), also available in 100g, 250g or in our 100g wooden tea chest, please select under options...
The Makaibari tea factory was the first of its kind when it was established in 1859 by G.C Banerjee. Today Rajah Banerjee continues this proud family tradition in the fourth generation. The estate was certified organic already in 1988.The name means 'cornfield' (makai bari), a reference to its previous use - now transformed into a beautiful tea garden. This organic Second Flush Darjeeling is picked in July and has a darker colour and more body than the Fist Flush teas.The typical muscatel aroma ..
The Kalej Vally Tea Garden is located in the Darjeeling district in  West Bengal, India. A medium bodied, elegant and aromatic Second Flush Darjeeling (June/July harvest). The grade "Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe, grade 1” refers to a full leave with an abundance of tips (the unopened leaves, which are the most aromatic part of the plant).Excellent afternoon tea and perfect to impress even the demanding visitors.50g (default, makes 25 cups). For other quantities or for our 100g wooden t..
Harmonious, malty and flavoursome.The special properties of an infusion of teas from the Gingia garden were discovered as early as 1926. Between 1948 and 1960, new plants of rare seeds were planted here, which guarantee a durable, high quality.Goes well with a drop of milk...
Dikom is one of the oldest tea gardens in Eastern Assam, India. Some tea bushes were planted 150 years ago. This Second Flush Assam, picked in June/July, is hearty and rich with a characteristic malty note. The infusion has a vivid coppery red colour  - exactly like an Assam should be.Although not recommended, this Assam is robust enough to take a drop of milk. 50g (default, makes 25 cups) in a sealed bag.  ..
A high grown Orange Pekoe (OP, means full leaf tea, for more info please see here) from Nuwara Eliya (up to 1900m high) in the centre of Sri Lanka.High elevation and monsoon clouds are responsible for the moderate temperate and cool climate. It allows the tea bushes to grow slower and accumulate more flavour.Brisk, highly aromatic with a hint of citrus which is characteristic for an excellent Ceylon tea. Ideal for the morning or as an afternoon tea.Can take a drop of milk but the flavour wi..
Gently decaffeinated full-bodied organic black tea from Sri Lanka (caffeine content less than 0.4%). The taste is mild and aromatic but not artificial like many decaffeinated teas.50g (default, makes 25 cups), also available in 100g and 250g or in our 100g wooden tea chest, please select under 'options'...
Black Gunpowder
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Black version of the better known green Gunpowder from China.The leaves are rolled into small balls but that is where the similarities between the two Gunpowder teas end.Unlike its strong green cousin, the black version has a mellow, nutty and slightly sweet flavour.Like most Chinese black teas the Gunpowder has a low caffeine content.100g (default, makes 50 cups) in a sealed bag. ..
Keemun is produced for centuries and probably the best known Chinese black tea.The taste is soft and flowery, slightly sweet-smoky with hints of chestnut.If you like black teas your life is not complete without trying Keemun. If you don't like black teas there is a good chance you might like this one.Like most Chinese black teas Keemun is very low on tannins (does not get bitter) and caffeine. Ideal for the afternoon or early evening.50g (default, makes 25-50 cups), also available in100g, 250g o..
An exquisite and rare tea from Yunnan in South West China. Only the bud and the first leaf are picked which are pale and golden brown (for Indian black teas the term 'tippy' would apply, or 'silver needle' for white teas).The long leaves are slightly twisted which resembles monkey claws, hence the name. The beautiful appearance is topped by the rich, slightly smoky and complex flavours of roasted chestnuts and honey. Golden Monkey shows no astringency even when infused multiple times. We recomme..
Usually, tea leaves are rolled lengthways to form a long, narrow crescent but for gunpowder, the leaves are carefully rolled into a ball/pellet instead. They looked a bit like gunpowder when the tea was introduced to Europeans, hence the name.The Chinese name for the same tea is 'Temple of Haven' which shows some cultural differences.Most of the Gunpowder is exported to the Northern African countries where it is used to make their traditional mint tea (for more info see our Moroccan Mint).Gunpow..
An excellent tea from the Southeast of China.The big, slightly twisted green leaves produce a mellow and fruity flavour with nutty notes. Easy to drink and perfect for green tea novices.Qiandao is ideal for everybody who thinks that green teas are bitter with no taste (i.e. supermarket tea bags).50g (default, makes 25-50 cups), please select quantity under 'options'.  ..
Unusual Sencha with long, dark and flat leaves.The taste is very fresh, rather strong with a sweet, fruity hint. The usual flavour of seaweed is there but not as pronounced as the other Senchas on this site.Easy to drink. Makes an excellent green tea for daily use.100g (default, makes 50-75 cups), also available in 250g or 500g, please select under 'options'.  ..
Sencha Needle
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Small dark green and needle-like leaves produce complex flavours ranging from slightly sweet and grassy to pronounced seaweed.The very essence of a Premium Japanese Sencha.For up to 4 infusions. Please read brewing instructions carefully to get the best out of your tea. 50g (default, makes 50-75 cups), also available in 100g or 250g, please select under 'options'.  ..
This blend of delicious Sencha with a fresh note and juicy sour cherries will delight you! Fruity cherry notes, especially the intense and multi-layered aromatic wild cherry.Bright yellow sunflower blossoms make the appearance perfect!..
Powdered green tea to a very high standard. Excellent for Matcha beginners. The green leaves are de-veined and ground slowly into a fine powder. This is the only tea where you drink the actual leaf (as supposed to be 'brewed') therefore the overwhelming health benefits. Matcha needs to be whisked into the water until a layer of foam forms on the top. ..
Oolong (also spelt Wu Long) means ‘black dragon’ and is a semi-oxidised tea (between black and green teas).The dark, almost fully oxidised leaves are blended with orange blossoms, orange peel and natural aroma.The result is a rich, slightly roasted flavour with fruity citrus notes.50g (makes 25 cups) also available in 100g or 250g, please select under 'options'.  ..
A flowery, full-bodied, complex  Like a dragonfly, the leaf shimmers in different shades. The aroma is similarly differentiated, with strong notes of a stone tea butalso fruity to sweet elements of a Pouchong.The same leaves should be infused multiple times to get the whole palette of flavours of this tea. Each infusion smells and tastes slightly different. A highly recommended experience..
A unique Oolong (wu-long) from Southern China. The leaves are steamed with milk which produces an unusual aroma of vanilla-caramel and ripe peaches. It is like being in an orchard beside a candy factory.An absolute treat for all senses.The same leaves should be infused multiple times to get the whole palette of flavours of this tea. Each infusion smells and tastes slightly different.Allergy advice: contains lactose. 50g  (default, makes 50-75 cups), also available in 100g or in our 100g woo..
Tie Guan Yin means 'Iron Goddess of Mercy' and is one of the best known Oolongs (wu-long). This organically grown tea comes from Anxi in Southern China. The half open, rolled leaf is highly fragrant with a pronounced floral and slightly fruity taste.The same leaves should be infused multiple times to get the whole palette of flavours of this tea. Each infusion smells and tastes slightly different. 50g  (default, makes 50-75 cups), also available in 100g or in our 100g wooden tea chest, plea..
Pai Mu Tan (also spelt Bai Mu Dan) is probably the best-known Chinese white tea and a classic from the southern province of Fuding.The mix of green and brown (oxidised) leaves and silver tips are typical for a good Pai Mu Tan.Very refreshing and clean with a slightly fruity-grassy flavour. The taste is surprisingly rich and complex.  White tea leaves are full of antioxidants and vitamins.50g (default, makes 50-75 cups), also available in 100g, please select under 'options'.  ..
Just looking at the beautiful silver tips is a joy. Only the unopened buds with tiny silvery hairs are used for this exceptional Chinese White tea (also called Silver Needle).There is only a short harvest period in spring to gather the leaves.The taste is fresh, yet complex with grassy-herbal flavours, a slight sweetness and hints of chocolate. Should be brewed for up to 6 times. Every infusion will differ slightly from the previous one and enhance the drinking experience. Legend has it that onl..
If you like the original black version of Lapsang Souchong you will love this white smoked tea.First, a Pai Mu Tan is produced but not fully dried. Then the tea is brought to the Lapsang factory to give it its smoky finish.The taste is properly smoky but also lighter and more delicate due to the nature of the white tea.50g (default, makes 50-75 cups), also available in 100g or 250g, please select under 'options'.  ..
A white tea variety from the mountains in Yunnan, South-West China.The leaves grow in 1300m-2000m altitude in relatively steady temperatures (12°C-23°C).The leaves and many silvery tips produce a soft, mild, delicately fruity-grassy aroma.Full of antioxidants and vitamins. 50g (default, makes 50-75 cups), please select quantity under 'options'.  ..
The famous tea from Yunnan in South-West China.The smell and flavour of Pu Erh is typically earthy, even with notes of leather and manure.  The taste is nevertheless round and pleasant.It is well worth getting used to it because Pu Erh possesses unique health benefits (see below). 50g (default, makes 50 cups), also available in 100g, 250g or in our 100g wooden chest, please select under 'options'.  ..
Fine, tippy high-quality Pu-Erh from Yunnan (Southwest China). This Pu Erh has the quality to mature and will get better over time, which is a unique property of a good Pu Erh. Like a good wine, it improves with age. Mild earthy, smoky leathery and slightly sweet taste. 50g (default, makes 50-75 cups),  please select under 'options'.  ..
Emperor of Pu Erh
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The perfect Pu Erh vintage from 2011. Aromatic, wholesome, slightly sweet- earthy and well balanced. This Pu Erh is still maturing and will improve further over the next years. 50g (default, makes 50-100 cups), also available as 100g, please select under 'options'.  ..
Pure high quality 'long cut' Rooibos (= Redbush) from West South Africa.Mild-earthy, soft-fruity character.No caffeine which makes it suitable for children, expecting mothers and/or as an evening/night drink.100g (makes 50-75 cups), please select under 'options'.  ..
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