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Usually, tea leaves are rolled lengthways to form a long, narrow crescent but for gunpowder, the leaves are carefully rolled into a ball/pellet instead. They looked a bit like gunpowder when the tea was introduced to Europeans, hence the name.The Chinese name for the same tea is 'Temple of Haven' which shows some cultural differences.Most of the Gunpowder is exported to the Northern African countries where it is used to make their traditional mint tea (for more info see our Moroccan Mint).Gunpow..
An excellent tea from the Southeast of China.The big, slightly twisted green leaves produce a mellow and fruity flavour with nutty notes. Easy to drink and perfect for green tea novices.Qiandao is ideal for everybody who thinks that green teas are bitter with no taste (i.e. supermarket tea bags).50g (default, makes 25-50 cups), please select quantity under 'options'.  ..
From the Southern Chinese province of Guangxi comes this beautiful green tea. The leaves and the white tips are rolled into snail-like shapes, hence the name.It is a joy just to watch the leaves unfolding into their original form and becoming whole again (see pictures to the left). The taste is bold with fruity, flowery and nutty notes and a long aftertaste. Each infusion of the same leaves is slightly different to the previous one so it pays to stick to the rather short brewing times. 50g (defa..
Used for centuries in China which makes this probably the oldest scented tea in the world.To create the unique, pleasant smell and flavour the green tea leaves are repeatedly mixed with fresh jasmine flowers to absorb the smell and fragrance.The result is a fragrant and floral joy to drink.Jasmine tea is also an excellent digestive for rich food.50g (default, makes 50-75 cups). Also available in 100g, 250g or in our 100g wooden chest, please select under 'options'.  ..
Tea Branch Buds
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These are the tender beginnings of a new branch of wild growing tea trees in Yunnan (Southwest China).The buds are just picked and dried similar to white tea production. The taste is somewhere between an Oolong, a green and a white tea: flavour of peach and pear with slight grassy, herbal notes. An absolute rarity and unique experience.50g (default, makes 50-75 cups), also available in 100g, please select under 'options'..
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