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Artfully bound green leaves with a string of small jasmine flowers in the centre.The flower opens and reveals a thread of beautiful creamy jasmine blossoms - best watched in a glass pot.They taste as good as they look - subtle and fragrant. The green tea and the flowery jasmine aroma harmonise perfectly.Each tea flower weighs between 8g-10g, enough for a mug or small pot...
What a beautiful Tea Rose.In the centre of the green leaves lives a yellow marigold flower which slowly reveals itself when submerged in hot water.As good as the visual appearance is the taste. The fruity flowery aroma of ripe peaches goes perfectly well with the subtle green tea flavour.As tea flowers go it does not get much better than this...
Very unusual Tea flower. Not only is the choice of centre flower unique but also the use of black tea leaves instead of green.Quite a rare and beautiful Tea Rose.It produces a much darker infusion, and the taste is similar to that of the Golden Monkey tea...
Lavender-Hibiscus Tea Flower
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Small flowers with a hibiscus flower at the centre and lavender petals. The sour hibiscus is very mild and only detectable when brewed for a longer time.The combination of flowery lavender and slightly sour hibiscus works very well with the grassy green leaves...
White Tea Flower
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Three small white tea roses clustered around a red hibiscus flower. The type of hibiscus is not colouring so the infusion is a pale straw colour.This flower remains in the same shape and does not open. The taste is very light and delicate.One flower is enough for one cup...
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