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Traditional and very popular blend. Black tea leaves are mixed with pieces of dried ripe cherries and natural aroma. Very pleasant fruity cherry smell and taste.100g (default, makes 50 cups) in a sealed bag. Also available in 50g, 250g or in our 100g wooden chest, please select under 'options'.   Health properties: - full of antioxidants which can prevent heart disease, stroke and can be anti-carcinogenic - improves concentration + alertness (caffeine) - has a diuretic effect - contains f..
Creamy and rich blend of black tea and aromatic Arabica coffee beans. Aroma of coffee with Baileys Cream, just as a tea. Goes well with some milk and sugar. Contains black tea leaves, roasted coffee beans, Jasmine flowers and natural aroma.100g (default, makes 50 cups) in a sealed bag. ..
An absolute tea classic.Invented in China and named after Charles Grey (1764-1845), the 2nd Earl Grey.The typical citrus flavour comes from the addition of bergamot oil/essence. Bergamot (citrus bergamia) is an orange like fruit found all around the Mediterranean.Our version is with cornflowers, small blue mallow flowers and of course the typical bergamot essence. 100g (default, makes 50 cups), please select quantity under 'options'.  ..
Popular blend with a beautiful creamy, caramel-butterscotch taste which goes so well with the black tea leaves.It is a treat on its own but is also perfect with some cake, short bread or biscuits.Feel free to add milk and/or sugar. With black tea leaves, pink peppercorns, coconut chips, chocolate drops and natural aroma. 100g (default, makes 25 cups) in a sealed bag. Also available in 250g or in our 100g wooden tea chest. Please select under 'options'...
Spicy, warming and a highly aromatic blend of black tea, anise seed, Ceylon cinnamon, ginger, cloves, Rooibos tea and black pepper. Excellent with milk and/or sugar.Chai (or cha, shay) simply means 'tea' in most Asian languages but through the mysterious power of marketing became synonymous with spiced tea. The traditional way to make a chai masala in India is to cook the tea leaves with fresh spices, milk, and sugar to create a thirst quenching, affordable drink. There is a tea stall with a cha..
The notes of orange blossom, in contrast to the fruit, are particularly delicate and subtle and elegantly restrained. The blend is therefore particularly suitable for tea lovers who enjoy a fruity note, but do not want to miss the typical character of the tea base, which in this blend comes from Darjeeling and Nepal. Ingredients: black tea (with Darjeeling PGI and Nepal) (66%), apple pieces (roasted), orange peel (7%), natural flavour, orange blossoms (0,5%)..
Tiny marshmallows give this tea its name. It is an interesting and unusual blend of black tea, Oolong, white Pai Mu Tan, mini marshmallows, cocoa peel, chocolate drops, hazelnut brittle, pomegranate blossoms, marigold flower petals and natural aroma. The taste is almost creamy, nutty, flowery with a hint of chocolate.100g (default, makes 50 cups), please select under 'options'.   Health properties: - full of antioxidants which can prevent heart disease, stroke and can be anti-carcinogenic..
If for some reason, you could not celebrate Christmas, you could just have a cup of this remarkable tea.It is all there - the fragrant smell, the warming flavours and the spicy, comforting taste. The essence of Christmas in a cup.Black tea leaves with pieces of apple, cinnamon, almond, bourbon vanilla, and natural aroma. Goes really well with any type of sweetener or some rum or brandy or whiskey or whatever you fancy.100g (makes 50 cups) in a sealed bag. ..
Usually, tea leaves are rolled lengthways to form a long, narrow crescent but for gunpowder, the leaves are carefully rolled into a ball/pellet instead. They looked a bit like gunpowder when the tea was introduced to Europeans, hence the name.The Chinese name for the same tea is 'Temple of Haven' which shows some cultural differences.Most of the Gunpowder is exported to the Northern African countries where it is used to make their traditional mint tea (for more info see our Moroccan Mint).Gunpow..
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