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Black Gunpowder
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Black version of the better known green Gunpowder from China.The leaves are rolled into small balls but that is where the similarities between the two Gunpowder teas end.Unlike its strong green cousin, the black version has a mellow, nutty and slightly sweet flavour.Like most Chinese black teas the Gunpowder has a low caffeine content.100g (default, makes 50 cups) in a sealed bag. ..
Keemun is produced for centuries and probably the best known Chinese black tea.The taste is soft and flowery, slightly sweet-smoky with hints of chestnut.If you like black teas your life is not complete without trying Keemun. If you don't like black teas there is a good chance you might like this one.Like most Chinese black teas Keemun is very low on tannins (does not get bitter) and caffeine. Ideal for the afternoon or early evening.50g (default, makes 25-50 cups), also available in100g, 250g o..
An exquisite and rare tea from Yunnan in South West China. Only the bud and the first leaf are picked which are pale and golden brown (for Indian black teas the term 'tippy' would apply, or 'silver needle' for white teas).The long leaves are slightly twisted which resembles monkey claws, hence the name. The beautiful appearance is topped by the rich, slightly smoky and complex flavours of roasted chestnuts and honey. Golden Monkey shows no astringency even when infused multiple times. We recomme..
According to legend, the smoky taste came from the many campfires the tea was exposed to when transported by horse or camel.Today this is achieved by steaming the leaves in the smoke of special woods. You either love it or you don't ... 50g (default, makes 25 cups) in a sealed bag. Also available in 100g, 250g or in our 100g wooden tea chest, please select under 'options'.  ..
A very traditional Chinese black tea.The leaves are steamed together with dewy rose blossoms.The mellow black leaves provide the perfect backdrop for the rose petals to shine and unfold their beautiful fragrant aroma. This harmonious combination results in a satisfying drinking experience with a unique rose flavour. Very gentle black tea which is also low in caffeine.100g (makes 50-100 cups) in a sealed bag, please select under 'options'.  ..
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