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Matcha High Quality 40g

Matcha High Quality 40g

Powdered green tea to a very high standard. Excellent for Matcha beginners. The green leaves are de-veined and ground slowly into a fine powder. This is the only tea where you drink the actual leaf (as supposed to be 'brewed') therefore the overwhelming health benefits. Matcha needs to be whisked into the water until a layer of foam forms on the top. For matcha whisker, spoon and bowl please go to "Accessories". In original 40g airtight sealed tin.  

Health properties:

- highest amounts of antioxidants in all teas, which can prevent heart disease, stroke and can be anti-carcinogenic - helps lowering cholesterol - contains vitamin C - strong antiviral capability - improves concentration + alertness (caffeine) - has a diuretic effect - contains fluorine which helps to prevents tooth decay and gum disease

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