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Lapacho (Pau D'Arco)

Lapacho (Pau D'Arco)

This South American 'Tea of the Incas' is made from the inner bark of the Lapacho tree (also called Pau d'Arco, bows were made from the wood).It has been/is used extensively by South American indigenous peoples for its antibiotic and tonic effects.

Making a wholesome infusion of Lapacho is an excellent way to strengthen your immune system and to stay healthy.

Lapacho has a vanilla-like, slightly peppery taste (if it is too peppery take less). Not recommended for pregnant women.

100g (default, makes 50 cups), also available 250g or 500g, please select under 'options'.  

Health properties:

- has antibiotic properties which makes it a perfect remedy against cold, flu or any other infection - contains iron, calcium, potassium and trace elements - has antiviral and antifungal (treatment for candida) properties- strengthens the immune system - contains no caffeine - associated with the potential to inhibit cancer cell growth (to be confirmed conclusively)

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