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Hario Tea Filter Bottle 750ml
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Made from Hario’s bespoke borosilicate glass, the portable Filter-In Bottle is durable, heat-resistant, and of unparalleled clarity. The clever filter and lid, which allows you to pour unfiltered tea directly from the bottle, are made from BPA-Free plastic, and the bottle is reminiscent of a wine bottle, to enhance the sophistication and elegance of cold brew tea...
Excellent selection of black and green teas with a cotton strainer.  Ideal for tea beginners or as a gift idea (40g each):A surprise selection of our great premium teas..
Christmas Tea Gift Selection
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An excellent selection of our Christmas teas.The Flavours bring Christmas to life and a great Gift for a loved one.The range of flavours and tastes is very broad and different.Mulled Wine Spices, Black Christmas blends, Green Christmas Blend, Herbal Christmas blend 50g each including tea chest..
Enter the wonderful world of Pu Erh teas.Unique production, unique taste, unique health benefits.The first two teas are examples of different qualities while the last two are flavoured blends to make it more interesting. - Pu Erh (40g) - King of Pu Erh (40g) - Pu Erh Orange-Chocolate(40g) - Pu Erh Lemon (40g)..
All the fruit teas as 50g for sampling: - Fruity Ginger - Wild Cherry - Blood Orange - Sweet Mango ..
Rooibos Tea Selection
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All our South African Rooibos teas in one selection (50g each): - Rooibos Nature - Caramel - Lemon - Spicy Orange - Strawberry & Banana ..
All our wellness teas in one sampler, 30g each: Digestion, Immune Boost, Slimming, Stress Relief, Cholesterol, Hangover, Blood Pressure...
Tea Sieve
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Sieve to strain loose tea made from stainless steel. 6cm diameter with tea pot as handle...
Create your own tea bag for work, travel or at home. Give the tea leaves the space they deserve. Medium sized disposable paper bags (100 bags, for cups and mugs).Dimensions: 8cm wide x 8.5cm long..
Empty Tea Bags XL
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Create your own tea bag for work, travel or at home. Give the tea leaves the space they deserve. Big sized disposable paper bags (60 bags, for mugs and all teapots).Dimensions: 10cm wide x 20cm long..
Holder for the matcha whisker to keep the delicate spliced bamboo in shape...
Cup with saucer - Orchid
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Elegant and understated porcelain cup with saucer.The stylish, single orchids on the slightly textured surface gives you a feeling of fabric on porcelain.With this cup, you will be the envy of everybody who doesn't have one...
Sugar bowl + Milk jug Liliana
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Fine bone china sugar bowl and milk jug on tray in beautiful orchid design...
Matcha Bowl Haruto
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Porcelain bowl for matcha tea. Dark blue on the outside and light blue on the inside. 12cm wide, 6.8cm high, dishwasher safe...
White Tea Warmer
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White porcelain warmer to keep your teas warm and to create a cosy atmosphere.  Works with any tea light. Dishwasher proof (8.5cm diameter)...
Big and colourful hand painted tea warmer (18 cm). Not suitable for pots smaller than 10cm wide...
Matcha Gift Box
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Beautiful gift which containsDark black Japanese matcha bowl 40g High quality MatchaBamboo Matcha WhiskMatcha Holder..
Metal Tea Warmer
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Stylish metal warmer to keep your tea at the right temperature. Width of top 17cm - suitable for small and big pots...
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