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Cozy Comfort

Cozy Comfort

This anise-honey flavoured herbal tea is perfect after a long day or simply for watching the rain coming down while having a hot brew.

The mild anise seed, slightly sweet taste is warming and comforting.

Bad Weather contains no caffeine and is therefore great for day or night and is a tasty, easy to drink choice for children.

We also discovered another use by pure accident: you can cook your ham in this tea and it will absorb the light, fennel-like flavour and give it a delicious and unique note. No joke, try it for yourself.

With leaves of blackberry, strawberry, hazelnut and raspberry, fennel, marigold blossoms, sunflower blossoms, anise seeds, rose hip, apple, rose petals, peony, elderberry, elderflower, mint and natural aroma.

100g (default, makes 50 cups), also available 50g, 250g or 500g, please select under 'options'.

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