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Sencha Fukuju

Sencha Fukuju

Senchas are one of the most popular teas in Japan.

The typical flat, dark green leaves of our Sencha Fukuju yield a fresh, grassy aroma with bold seaweed notes.

Drinking this tea is an oddly satisfying pleasure.

If brewed at a lower temperature it is slightly sweeter, at a higher temperature, slightly more astringent.

50g (default, makes 50-75 cups), also available in 100g, 250g or in our wooden tea chest, please select under 'options'.  

Health properties:

- full of antioxidants which can prevent heart disease, stroke and can be anti-carcinogenic - helps lowering cholesterol - contains vitamin C - strong antiviral capability - improves concentration + alertness (caffeine) - has a diuretic effect - contains fluorine which helps to prevents tooth decay and gum disease

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