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Black Gunpowder

Black Gunpowder

Black version of the better known green Gunpowder from China.

The leaves are rolled into small balls but that is where the similarities between the two Gunpowder teas end.Unlike its strong green cousin, the black version has a mellow, nutty and slightly sweet flavour.

Like most Chinese black teas the Gunpowder has a low caffeine content.

100g (default, makes 50 cups) in a sealed bag. Also available in 250g or in our wooden tea chest, please select under 'options'.  

Health properties:

- full of antioxidants which can prevent heart disease, stroke and can be anti-carcinogenic - low in caffeine which improves concentration + alertness - has a diuretic effect - contains fluoride which helps to prevent tooth decay and gum disease - helps lowering cholesterol

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