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Black Sage

Black Sage
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Black Sage

Sage derives from the latin word 'salvere' = healing. The name was given due to the various healing properties of sage. Astringent and disinfecting, sage is particularly effective for sore throat and to inhibit excessive perspiration.

The Ceylon (Sri Lanka) black tea leaves go perfectly with the dried sage. You can taste the sage but it doesn't overpower the similarly robust Ceylon tea. An excellent combination with a surprisingly harmonious flavour.

100g (makes 50 cups), also available in 250g or in our wooden 100g tea chest, please select under 'options'.  

Health properties:

- full of antioxidants which can prevent heart disease, stroke and can be anti-carcinogenic - improves concentration + alertness (caffeine) - has a diuretic effect - contains fluoride which helps to prevent tooth decay and gum disease - helps lower cholesterol - sage is disinfecting and inhibits excessive perspiration. 

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