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Find here your Matcha or Yerba Mate utensils and various flavoured sugars.

Hario Tea Filter Bottle 750ml
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Made from Hario’s bespoke borosilicate glass, the portable Filter-In Bottle is durable, heat-resistant, and of unparalleled clarity. The clever filter and lid, which allows you to pour unfiltered tea directly from the bottle, are made from BPA-Free plastic, and the bottle is reminiscent of a wine bottle, to enhance the sophistication and elegance of cold brew tea...
Matcha Bamboo Whisker
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Original Japanese sliced bamboo whisker (chasen) to make matcha tea.Used to whisk the matcha powder into hot water until frothy.Just rinse with hot water to clean and never rest on the delicate whiskers. Best kept on whisker holder to maintain the shape of the bamboo...
Holder for the matcha whisker to keep the delicate spliced bamboo in shape...
Matcha Bamboo Spoon
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Matcha Bowl Haruto
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Porcelain bowl for matcha tea. Dark blue on the outside and light blue on the inside. 12cm wide, 6.8cm high, dishwasher safe...
Matcha Gift Box
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Beautiful gift which containsDark black Japanese matcha bowl 40g High quality MatchaBamboo Matcha WhiskMatcha Holder..
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