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Matcha Tea
The name literally means “powdered tea” Matcha powder is
made using the complete leaf of the camellia sinensis bush.
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The word tea comes from the Chinese language and in Mandarin, it is called “Cha”. There is a word for tea in most languages and it is interesting to follow the origins of it in the different countries.
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I am sort of a tea addict. I structure my day by cups of tea.
S.T Joshi
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Tea Of The Month

Our Tea this month is our Milk Oolong from Southern China

The leaves are steamed with milk which produces an unusual aroma of vanilla-caramel and ripe peaches.

It is like being in an orchard beside a candy factory. An absolute treat for all senses.

The same leaves should be infused multiple times to get the whole palette of flavours of this tea. Each infusion smells and tastes slightly different.